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Pr / En
Pr / En
Pr = Production, Pre = Pre-production, En = Engineer, Wr = Writing, M = Mixing, Ma = Mastering


Strangeways is a artistic company responsible for producing award-winning music, films, and web properties.



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Andrew worked with us tirelessly to make sure our album came out sounding great- Maverick Cinema
I always look forward to our time together.- Spencer Krug
The studio has a nice a smell, I have to admit.- Abraham Lincoln
Not that we like to gloat but it's important to consider these things.


Strangeways started out as a film production company in Vancouver operating between 2007-2014. In that time, Strangeways produced a number of award winning films, which include Occupy: The Movie (featuring Noam Chomsky, Cornel West, Kalle Lasn, Chris Hedges), Down River (Winner of Best World Showcase SoHo Int. Film Festival, Winner of Best Motion Picture, 2014 Leo Awards) as well as a number of short films.

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